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    NaturalAPG 0810H60/decyl glucoside/CAS:68515-73-1
    Chemical description
    Aqueous solution of alkyl polyglycosides based on a natural fatty alcohol C8 - C10
    Labeling information
    INCI name: decyl glucoside
    CAS-No.: 68515-73-1
    Formula: C16H32O6
    Purity: 58-62%
    Species: nonionic surfactant
    Synonyms: APG60, APG0810-60%
    Product properties
    Light yellow viscous liquid
    Physical properties
    Solid Content(%) 58-62
    Water (wt %) 38-42
    pH Value (20% aq.) 11.5-12.5
    Free Alcohol (wt %) 1max
    Viscosity (mPa·s),20°C 500-2500
    Sulfated Ash (wt %) 3max
    Density(g/cm3),25°C 1.12-1.14
    Product guidance
    NATURALAPG 0810H60 are a nonionic surfactant that provides superior performance by combining the formulation ease and compatibility of typical nonionics with the solubility and foam characteristics of anionics. NATURALAPG 0810H60 provide excellent hard surface detergency and processing benefits in a variety of cleaning products, such as kitchen & bath room cleaners as well as I&I alkaline cleaners. It exhibits superior wetting as well as excellent dispersing and surface tension reduction properties for increased soil removal and emulsification. Unlike typical nonionics, NATURALAPG 0810H60 are highly soluble in concentrated electrolyte solutions and will hydrotrope other less soluble ingredients.
    In addition to these unique performance characteristics, NATURALAPG 0810H60 are made from renewable raw materials – glucose derived from corn, and fatty alcohols from coconut and palm kernel oils. Due to its natural chemistry, NATURALAPG 0810H60 are very mild, low in toxicity, and readily biodegradable.
    NATURALAPG 0810H60 are self-preserved via an elevated pH level. Due to this elevated pH, NATURALAPG 0810H60 are hazy in appearance. By reducing the pH value, e.g., with citric acid to below 8.5 the cloudiness being specific for the product disappears thus also enabling the formulation of clear products.
    Below pH 11.5 NATURALAPG 0810H60 are no longer sufficiently protected against microbial contamination, which means the end formulation has to be preserved in a suitable way.
    Storage and transportation
    NATURALAPG 0810H60 can be stored in sealed original containers protected from frost and below 43°C for at least 1 year.
    Bulk storage material – IBC or 200L normal drum.
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